Sugarex Thailand 2022, The Biggest Sugarcane and Bioethanol Event In Asia Is Organizing Its 3rd Annual Event

Asia's largest Sugar, Sugarcane and Bioethanol event had every year the 3rd edition of the Asia's largest specialized sugar, sugarcane and bioethanol technology event that brings together an international congregation of sugar companies and also its supporting industries gathered in Thailand to showcase the latest developments in the world sugar, sugarcane and bioethanol industry Fireworks Exhibitions and Conferences which boasts of a proven track record in the South East Asia region for Agriculture events such as the World's largest Palm Oil event, PALMEX Indonesia and other agriculture events such as PALMEX Thailand, PALMEX Malaysia PALMEX Sarawak, Sugar Tech Indonesia and Sugarex Vietnam. Fire works Trade Media Group is the organizer of this massive international Sugar and Bioethanol technology event

Date: 08 Sep - 09 Sep 2022

Venue Khon Kaen

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