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“Labor issues”: a trigger for machinery manufacturer

High labor cost. Labor shortage. Sugarcane burning which leads to weight loss and inability to regrow causing higher cost because sugarcane farmers need to replant.
These problems inspired Mr. Samart to replace human labors with machinery in order to reduce sugarcane farmers’ burdens. In 1985, he utilized his knowledge and experience in mechanics to manufacture sugarcane loader. That was when Samart Kasetyon introduced a new product: sugarcane loaders. The initial market is located in Kamphaeng Phet, where sugarcane fields are abundant and demand is high, resulting in satisfactory sales. Later, sugarcane farmers in other regions gradually adopted loaders.

Favored by overseas markets with quality assurance

Growing business leads to growing production capacity. The annual sales volume of 100 to 200 loaders has persuaded the company to improve its capacity in order to increase exports.

“Mr. Samart applied the knowledge about tractors together with the possibility to manufacture sugarcane harvesters and finally designed an automatic harvester with a storage container for sugarcane. It can cut sugarcane on various types of terrain, including flat lands, undulating lands, 45-degree slopes, soft-soil lands, coarse-soil lands, small fields, and large fields. It is also capable of harvesting both lodged and straight canes. Hence, the sales volume is one of the highest in the country.”

The company has exported sugarcane loaders with front-handling equipment to several countries such as Indonesia. The small SM-200 has been introduced into these markets and others, such as Brazil, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

Captivate customers with
“durability and quick service”

Our sugarcane loaders and harvesters are distinguished by their superior quality. Every product was designed to be user-friendly. Their spare parts are easy to find, and the quality control is strict.

“Every product we have launched was manufactured with high-grade iron and is well-designed, so they are of high quality. The customers confirmed that our loaders are durable and barely need repair. Some said that they have used them for more than 10 years. It is worth the price.”

Broke into the domestic market with SM-200C and SM-200 PREDATOR

Since its introduction more than a decade ago, SM-200C harvesters have been favored by Thai customers, and they are among the products that have generated the highest sales volume in the country. It can cut 80-100 tons of sugarcane a day with its 200 horsepwer engine and six pistons. This is suitable for small fields and can be used in the areas with low hills like Wang Nam Khiao District, Nakhon Ratchasima. Using it during the rainy season or to harvest lodged canes is not an issue if the area is not extremely waterlogged. Another strength is its simple maintenance for both domestic and international customers.

Another principal product is SM-200 PREDATOR harvesters which have already received over 20 orders even though they were just launched. Its working capacity is 80-180 tons a day with the same 200 horsepower engine and six pistons, making it suitable for small and medium-sized fields or those of 200 to 1,000 meters in lengths.

Samart Kasetyon launched “SM200 Predator” featuring its high speed and excellent transportability

“SM200 Predator, the latest generation of sugarcane harvesters developed by Samart Kasetyon”

Typically, sugarcane harvesters are expensive and incur additional expenses. Moving huge machinery from one crop to another can be a financial load on sugarcane farmers and present them with difficulties. However, Samart Kasetyon can help solve these problems.
In Sugarex 2022, a trade and technology exhibition held in Khon Kaen, Samart Kasetyon Limited Partnership introduced SM-200 Predator, the latest sugarcane harvester, modernly developed by the Thai company. The term “Predator” represents its speed on both sugarcane fields and roads.

“Growing together”: a sustainably viable strategy for the sugarcane and sugar sectors in Thailand

“As a manufacturer, we must drive the whole industries together, not just growing alone. Farmers, the manufacturing industry, and the sugarcane/sugar machinery industry should collaborate. We need to pay more attention to our domestic market, foster its development, and offer more opportunities to the market. No one should monopolize the industry. Even If one day the price of sugar in Thailand is 100 times that of the market, I will continue to buy Thai sugar to help Thai farmers survive.”

No imitation, as we are certain that our design best meets the needs. We are a frontrunner in the design of sugarcane harvesters. Our harvesters do not compact the soil, so the sugarcane produced is of high quality. Farmers can save money in this way. We always keep in mind that we must increase customer value.

“Exceptional products”, “the highest performance”,
and “worth the investment”