Chairman's Vision

Our business top priority is to be able to help cane farmers to have good revenue, live the best of their lives and grow together with us.

Growing up with sugar cane farmers family ,we are fully understand farmers needs and issues. By conveying those issue to develop our harvester combine to suit with farmers’ needs for all aspects.

Samart Leethirananon
Executive Chairman

Our Growth
Way of Samart

Our Products

The role of harvesters and cane loaders in the sugarcane and sugar manufacturing industry is growing more important each day as mechanization replaces traditionally manual cutting work.
In the global markets, harvesters and cane loader produced by the Thai agricultural machinery producer Samart Kaset Yont (SMKY) are gaining increasing acceptance because of their reliability and superior performance. Combining both durability and technology together perfectly. which senior executives of Samart Kasetyon Focus on working and management principles, which are "quality products", "highest efficiency" and "good value the investment".

Srinual Leethirananon
Marketing Director

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