From thoroughly understand as well as the appropriated technology which suites for sugar cane farmers brings SM200 to be the least hydraulics components but the greatest effectiveness for operating in lodge cane & straight cane

SM200C Performance

1. The harvester with rubber track suits well from small to medium sugarcane fields. Enabling to harvest on landscape both mountain slopes and small fields.
2. Able to harvest sugarcane in all conditions such as heavy & medium lodged cane and straight cane etc.
3. Providing a new model of base cutter able to cut and it is not affected to sugarcane stumps.
4. Driving system can decrease the soil compression then it not affects to the sugar cane stump.
5. Able to harvest sugarcane up to 80-150 tons of per day *(Results will be varied from density of sugarcane and the operating system of each area.)
6. The storage basket can be removed when the cane billet are full and the new basket can be replaced for continuous work process.
7. A simple maintenance and economical operational costs.

Model Information

Weight12000 Kg
Engine/HorsepowerDusan/200 hp
Driving SystemStatic Hydraulic
Electronic System24 V
Fuel Tank300 L
Hydraulic Fuel Tank320 L