The sugarcane harvester model SM200 SUPERSPEED is developed to be modern to hold the speed movement capacity. Not only its speed in sugar cane field but also capability of movement in speed 50 km/hrs. and will be ready immediately to start working when arrives the sugar cane field by is not required to change further vehicle.

The mentioned qualifications would decrease transportation and manpower cost during logistic process as well as the waiting time

SM200 SUPERSPEED Performance

1. Suitable for large sugarcane fields
2. Maximum speed of movement and sugarcane cutting
3. Designed to harvest, store in basket and conveyed sugarcane by only one machine
4. Able to harvest sugarcane in all conditions such as heavy & medium lodged cane and straight cane etc.
5. The sugarcane is cut by a new designed of base cutter which not affect the sugar cane stump.
6. A storage basket is located at the rear of the truck which is capable to hold 6 tons of billet cane
7. Able to harvest sugarcane up to 150-300 tons of per day *(Results will be varied from density of sugarcane and the operating system of each area.)
8. This sugarcane harvester reduces soil compaction. It also reduces fuel consumption and truck operation costs.

Model Information

Weight18000 Kg
Engine/HorsepowerDusan/200 hp
Driving SystemDriven by 12 rubber tires
Electronic System24 V
Fuel Tank300 L
Hydraulic Fuel Tank320 L