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Since now the populations of the world increases in the other hand the agricultural area are decreased. It has to manage the resource and area to use effectively. It should look back that do the Thai agriculturists manage the resource and area effectively and appropriately according to the area? The main factor is the quantity of water which changes along seasons. It affects to the period of planting. The agriculturists have to find the equipments to handle with the factors along the seasons both in present and future.

Samart kasetyon manufactures the agricultural machinery with love and determination for getting the best machinery and fit to the area both in Thailand and neighboring country. We always believe that the agricultural machinery can help to decrease the investment for the agriculturalists in the present and long term. It makes the agriculturalists have the good life and can rely on the themselves.

Mr.Samart Leethirananon
CEO & Managing Director, Samartkasetyon Co.,LTD.



Kasetyon shop is the beginning of Samart kasetyon, established by Mr.Boochu Chaengsawang. There are about 5 workers.


Established the first sugar cane loader manufacturing in Thailand by Mr.Samart Leethirananon on an area of 4.5 rai. There are about 40 workers. This factory can conduct the front sugar cane loader and back sugar cane loader. It received the good feedback in both of well structure and easy used. Both machines were popular and can dominate the market 100%.


Samart kasetyon corporated with the Japanese company to develop and conduct the small sugar cane harvester.


Due to high demand of main customer , Samart kasetyon can invent the large sugar cane harvester series SM-205. It was sold in the north of Thailand which has many large sugar cane fields and lodged sugar cane fields.


The opening of foreign markets began with the opening of the medium size sugarcane harvester series, SM-150TB with 160 horse power. This harvester is appropriate with the size of sugarcane fields and condition of sugarcane in both of Thailand and foreign countries by exporting to India, Indonesia, Brazil, Cambodia, and other.


Samart kasetyon acquired “Award No 1” National technology invention granted by Ministry of science and technology incorporate with the Bangkok bank foundation.


Samart kasetyon recieved award by the Senate for honoring as a leader in scientific and technological knowledge for social creativity.


Mr.Samart Leethirananon received the Outstanding Technologist Award of the Year 2013 from Foundation for the promotion of science and technology under the patronage of his majesty the king.

2015 - Present

SM-200 is adjusted appearance and potential for cutting any conditions of sugarcane such as very lodged and straight sugarcanes. Moreover, we still create and develop successively.

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Cooperate with the team to create the best agricultural machines.



The ideas and needs of the agriculturists and teams affect to jobs and we pay attention to the needs of all components.



Consult with the customers who have the problems in using machines or the machines are not suitable with their needs.


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